Get Summer Ready Feet with Nature’s Touch Hartley Walnut Vanilla Foot Scrub

At some point, after reading the long title you must have thought why use a foot scrub? What good will it do? Do I really need one? Our feet like any other part of our body accumulates dead skin cells and maybe a little more than the rest of the body due to them being so close to dirt and grime. As a result, our feet tend to become dull and lifeless over time and since summer is a season of sandals and flip flops it makes us self conscious. A foot scrub comes to your rescue in this scenario. A good foot scrub gently exfoliates and removes all the dirt and dead skin cells making your feet beautiful once again. It also boosts blood circulation in your feet, which helps relieve aches. Massaging your feet with a  scrub relaxes your mind, body, and spirit, thus relieving stress.

With so many benefits you must have realised why you need a foot scrub this summer by now. I found a scrub that smells so good it almost puts cookies to shame, almost. Read on more to know all about this amazing foot scrub.

Nature’s Touch Hartley Walnut Vanilla Foot Scrub

Price & Quantity: INR599 for 75gms

Ingredients: Mango Butter, Stearic Acid, Emulsifying Wax, Bees Wax, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Distilled Water, Castile Soap, Vitamin E, Walnut Granules, Fragrance


Claims: Nature’s Touch Hartley Walnut Vanilla Foot Scrub rejuvenates and revitalizes damaged skin to give your feet a smoother, healthier and more radiant appearance. It is highly rich in anti-oxidant, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

  • Exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells
  • Refreshes and relaxes tired feet
  • 100 % Organic and Natural
  • Nourishes and heals your foot.
  • Walnut delays skin ageing due to its high content of anti-oxidants.
  • Makes the skin healthy, moisturized, supple and fresh.
  • It strengthens nails on regular use.

Availability: It’s available on Amazon and Nykaa

Packaging: It comes in a plastic tub with a black cap and an extra lip for safety. The packaging is simple and elegant.

Smell: It smells amazing. It has a soft vanilla fragrance which is very intoxicating. The smell doesn’t linger though I wish it did because it indeed is a heavenly aroma.

Directions for Using: Wash your foot with water and apply the scrub. Just move the granules around while massaging gently in a circular motion for 5-7 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Dab to dry. Do not forget to apply Sunscreen lotion. Do not put pressure while massaging.

Directions to use
Nature’s Touch Hartley Walnut Vanilla Foot Scrub 3

My Experience: For me, summers mean sandals and flip flops and dull tired looking feet are a huge no-no in this scenario. This scrub came as a boon really in this case. I have been using this scrub on my feet for almost five weeks now and my feet have never looked better. The heady vanilla scent of this scrub always makes me feel like I’m in some bakery heaven since it smells just so delicious. Using this scrub feels like doing a foot spa at home. It’s gritty in texture due to walnut shell granules present but it’s not harsh. It’s very creamy and even after the first use, my feet felt softer than before. A coin size amount is enough to cover both feet for single use which means this tub will last for a while.

With regular use of Hartley  Walnut Vanilla Scrub, my feet have become so much softer than before. The dryness is gone, my nails appear shinier and there is no pigmentation left. I can now confidently flaunt those sandals without being conscious of my feet.


  • It smells heavenly
  • A little goes a long way
  • The scrub isn’t harsh on the skin unlike many other walnut scrubs
  • It makes the skin soft and smooth
  • It gently scrubs away the dead skin cells


  • It is a bit costly

Will I Repurchase: I think it will take me forever to finish the scrub but after I’m done with this tub I’ll surely get myself another.

Do I Recommend: Yes, it’s a great foot scrub and definitely worth a try if you feel like splurging on your feet.

Overall summary: Nature’s Touch Hartley Walnut Vanilla Foot Scrub has become one of my favourite scrubs to use because of its fragrance and its effect on my feet. It’s a mild scrub that gently removes the dead skin cells to reveal the soft skin beneath. It’s perfect for people who like me love wearing sandals and flip flops.

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