French Fragrances to Steal your Heart: Le Jardin Retrouve Review

Perfumes are the only thing of beauty that can’t be seen with the eyes yet the ones that linger in the memories for years. A fragrance has the power to transport you to the time forgotten with just one whiff. Like the smell of wet earth will remind you of rainy days, the scent of your mothers cooking will leave you nostalgic.

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Le Jardin Retrouvé is a timeless, independent, family-owned Haute Parfumerie House created in 1975 by acclaimed perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, founding father of Perfumer Perfumery. He rejected the constraints of the marketing-driven perfume industry; he was in pursuit of creative freedom and the finest possible ingredients. 41 years later, in 2016, his son and his family boldly reinvented Le Jardin Retrouvé, while keeping Yuri’s delicate formulas, as well as his historical suppliers. Le Jardin Retrouvé is a way of experiencing perfume, both inspired by nature and comforting.

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Product Name: Our Discovery Set

It consists of 7*2ml sample perfumes from their Collection. The seven fragrances are:

  • Citron Boboli
  • Cuir de Russie
  • Sandalwood Sacré
  • Eau des Délices
  • Verveine d’Éte
  • Tubéreuse Trianon
  • Rose Trocadéro

Price: 20.42 € which is around 1600INR

Quantity: 7*2ml

Availability: It’s easy to order from their website and they ship worldwide.

Packaging: The samples come in small individual cardboard packs with the details about the perfume with a little story about the fragrance is mentioned. The boxes are covered with beautiful paintings each one unique and mesmerizing. The perfumes come in cute and compact glass spray bottles which are eco-friendly as well as easy to carry. All the seven packets come in a cloth bag. The whole packaging is very eco-friendly and alluring and will make for a great gift.

Le Jardin Retrouve 2


Rose Trocadéro

Rose Trocadero is a floral Eau de Parfum with sweet notes of rose petals, blackcurrant buds and white musk. A fragrance inspired by nature reminiscent of the fragrant roses of yesteryear, the gardens of our childhood. A fragrance full of emotions, memories and delicacy. A creation full of the nostalgia of Yuri, the founder of our House, for the most beautiful French perfumes of the 1920s.

Sandalwood Sacré

Sandalwood Sacré is an aerial and spiritual Eau de Parfum. Milky sandal and patchouli will transport you to the heart of Indian rituals where incense sticks burn precious woods. This fragrance will lead you to meet Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Jardin Retrouvé, who has worked extensively in India to discover the fragrant plants of this country rich in scents.

Tubéreuse Trianon

Tubéreuse Trianon is a solar and luminous Eau de Parfum. With its notes of white flowers, raspberry and coconut this floral and fruity fragrance will make you travel to warmer climates. Where the tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang grow that will capsize your heart. A radiant fragrance that lasts on the skin, from a floral facet to creamy, musky and milky base notes.

Cuir de Russie

Cuir de Russie is an Eau de Parfum with a subtle fragrance of violet and leather mixed with precious resins. It is a memento of the Slavic origins of Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Jardin Retrouvé. He wanted this scent to recreate a child’s memory, that of his father’s leather boots. This delicate and tinged fragrance will make you discover a new facet of Russian Leather.

Eau des Délices

Eau des Délice is an Eau Fraiche inspired by classical Colognes. Invigorating and light, it will be your best friend for summer days. This citrus perfume, with hints of Italian lemon, petitgrain, orange from Brazil will accompany you throughout the day thanks to its musky base. A delicate unisex scent suitable for all occasions.

Citron Boboli

Citron Boboli is an energizing Eau de Parfum with energizing notes of citrus and warm spices. An original, comforting and mixed fragrance. It will transport you in the footsteps of Yuri, the founder of our House when he lived in India and discovered the richness of Indian aromas and plants. Clove, pepper and lemon will make you travel between Asia and Italy.

Verveine d’Été

Verveine d’Eté is an Eau de Parfum with a delicate and fresh scent. It will be an ideal partner on hot summer days but also in the heart of winter to bring you joy and comfort. A mixed scent, sparkling and energizing that brings back memories of the freshness of a bed of aromatic plants in the early morning. Let yourself be transported by its green notes in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg.


Citron Boboli

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / d-limonene / eugenol / linalool / citral / geraniol / citronellol / cinnamal / coumarin

Cuir de Russie

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / d-limonene / linalool / alpha-isomethyl ionone / benzyl salicylate / Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde / evernia prunastrii (oakmoss) extract / farnesol / citral / cinnamal / benzyl benzoate / Hydroxycitronellal / methyl 2-octynoate / geraniol / cinnamyl alcohol / benzyl cinnamate / isoeugenol / cinnamyl alcohol / benzyl cinnamate

Sandalwood Sacré

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / d-limonene / Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde / linalool / geraniol / citronellol / farnesol / benzyl salicylate / coumarin / benzyl benzoate / evernia prunastrii (oakmoss) extract / Hydroxycitronellal / citral / alpha-isomethyl ionone / eugenol / cinnamyl alcohol / benzyl cinnamate

Eau des Délices

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / d-limonene / linalool / citral / geraniol / evernia prunastrii (oakmoss) extract / farnesol / citronellol

Verveine d’Éte

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / d-limonene / linalool / citral / evernia prunastrii (oakmoss) extract / geraniol / citronellol / eugenol / coumarin

Tubéreuse Trianon

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / benzyl salicylate / Hydroxycitronellal / linalool / Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde / geraniol / eugenol / benzyl benzoate / benzyl cinnamate / methyl 2-octynoate / d-limonene / farnesol / Benzyl alcohol / isoeugenol

Rose Trocadéro

Ingrédients/contains: Alcool denat (alcohol) / Parfum (fragrance) / Aqua (WATER) / citronellol / geraniol / linalool / eugenol / citral / Benzyl alcohol / coumarin / farnesol

Le Jardin Retrouve 3

My Experience: I love collecting fragrances, it’s like taking a journey with every sniff. Scents hold so many memories and can easily take you down the memory lane with a single sniff. I read in an article years ago that every woman should have her signature scent and since then I have been trying to find mine. Along the journey, I have discovered a lot about my preferences. This Discovery set is a great way to start on your journey to find that one scent that defines you. It comes in small glass vials and lets you try seven unique fragrances at once. Each fragrance is one of its kind and I’m sure you’ll end up liking at least a few if not all of them, you might even discover your signature scent.

I have always wanted to try French perfumes, something about them just enticed me and I’m glad I got to try this set. It has seven unique fragrances ranging from mild to strong and from floral to woody and spicy. There is something for everyone here. Each fragrance lasts for a different amount of time on me ranging from 4-10 hours. My favourite among them is the Rose Trocadéro, Sandalwood Sacré and Tubéreuse Trianon.


  • Comes in eco-friendly packaging with a cute pouch
  • Cute glass bottles
  • All unique and different types of fragrances
  • Lets you try many samples at once before you invest in the full size
  • You also get a coupon of the same amount as the sample set value which you can later use to purchase any product from the store apart from the sample set
  • Has a fragrance for everyone ranging from floral to spicy
  • Makes for a great gift


  • It’s a little costly

Overall: 5/5 I think it’s always a great idea to try a sample before you invest in the full size so you know if it works for you or not and fragrances are no different. Everyone has a unique taste and this set has something that will appeal to the whole family. While I find some scents too strong for my liking, my father loves them, the spicy ones are a favourite of my brother and floral ones caught the attention of my sister as well. Plus the bright little packs it comes in makes for a great gift.

Will I repurchase: I probably will go for the Sandalwood Sacré as this fragrance is a warm, woody scent that lasts around 6-8 hours on me and has a very beautiful lingering scent.

Do I recommend: Yes, they are worth a try plus you are not losing anything since you receive a gift code of the value of your total sample order to use on your next purchase (except samples).

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