Nature’s Touch Lip Brightening Scrub Review

A lip scrub is a key component in removing dry, dead skin and helping your lip balm absorb better. An abundance of dead skin and dryness on the lips can cause untimely maturing and darkening of lips. Regular use of lipsticks sometimes leads to darkening of lips and this is where a lip scrub comes in. A lip scrub removes all the dead skin and restores the soft pink lips from before. Using a lip scrub before applying a lipstick not only smoothens the lips and helps the lipstick apply evenly it also makes the lipstick last longer.

Nature's Touch Lip Scrub 1

Nature’s Touch Lip Brightening Scrub Review

Price & Quantity: INR699 for 40 gms

Ingredients: Solenum Tuberosum, Sucrose with Molasses, Sweet oil, Rosemary, Vitamin E,
Other Essential oils

Nature's Touch Lip Scrub

Claims: Nature’s Touch Lip Brightening scrub helps in cell repairing and lightening of lips. It removes dead skin from lips and acts as a natural cleanser by treating dark spots and tanning. Get beautiful pouty lips already!

  • Exfoliates lips gently and removes dead cells
  • Restores the natural shine of the lips
  • 100 % Organic and Natural

Nature's Touch Lip Scrub 3

Availability: It’s easily available on Amazon and Nykaa

Packaging: I’m a huge fan of its packaging. It comes in a glass tub with a black lid and an extra safely lid. The tub is made of thick glass and looks really luxurious. This lip scrub by Nature’s Touch will enhance anyone’s vanity table.

Smell: It has a slightly floral fragrance.

My Experience: I’m a huge fan of lipsticks hence a lip scrub is a must have in my vanity. I have been using this scrub for four weeks now and I have seen noteworthy results from it. It’s a powdery scrub light yellow in colour with sugar granules present. The scrub can be used on wet lips directly or you can make a paste of it using rose water and apply that. I prefer using it directly and it works just as well. It’s not at all harsh on the lips, nor makes them excessively dry. It mildly exfoliates and removes all the dead skin leaving behind soft and smooth skin.


I used it thrice a week and saw that my pigmentation was getting reduced as a result. It can never be completely removed in my case since I have pigmented lips but it helped make it more even and lightened it to a good extent as well. It prevented further darkening of the lips due to excessive use of lipsticks and for which I’m really grateful. The results are visible from the first use itself.


  • Stunning packaging which makes it a very beautiful product to own (I’m a sucker for beautiful glass packaging)
  • A large quantity since only a pinch of product is used each time
  • Mild on the lips
  • Helps lighten lip pigmentation as it claims
  • Gently exfoliates and removes all the dead skin cells without making the lips dry
  • Perfect to be used before applying lipsticks
  • Eco-friendly packaging which means once the scrub is over you can use this beautiful bottle to store anything else.


  • It’s costly for a lip scrub

Will I Repurchase: I won’t repurchase until I have finished it completely and this huge tub will last me for a long while.

Do I Recommend: Yes, if you have lip pigmentation like me, or use lipsticks regularly then a lip scrub is a must-have item and this does a great job of lightening lips and keeping them soft.

Overall: 4/5. It’s a good lip scrub and different from the others I have tried so far since first of all its powdered form sets it apart from others. Its quantity and quality are unmistakably good. It effectively lightens the lips with regular use and makes for a great companion to be used under lipsticks. Considering all these I think this scrub is definitely worth a try.

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