Leegeeham Hope 5a Control Cream

Summers bring with the bane of my existence oily and dull skin. Oily skin beauties know that finding products which work for our skin is not an easy job. For a long time I use to believe that since my skin is oily I don’t need moisturizer which trust me was a big mistake, because it made my skin dry which in turn led to more oil production to combat the dryness. Lesson learned after a lot of trial and error and greasy face.
When I heard about this cream from the famous Korean brand Leegeeham I wanted to try it because it sounded like everything my skin has been looking for and somehow I was lucky enough to be selected as a reviewer for this cream.

The product came in a classy white tub packaging. It is travel friendly as an extra lid helps prevent spiling.

Smell: It has a very faint and pleasant smell.
My experience: I used this cream for a month and loved it at the end. It’s a light weight gel like cream which absorbs easily. You just need a few drops of it to cover your entire face. It’s moisturizing and controls sebum production very well. I like how soft and moisturized my skin felt after this cream. Although in the beginning I was a bit disappointed as I’m more used to sebum controlling creams that provide a glow as well. This cream didn’t do that not that it claimed it will. It isn’t a Mattifying cream which will give you a white cast or coverage. It’s a moisturizing Cream that will control the oil production and work as a makeup base as well. It mositurises the skin without making it greasy so perfect for oily skin beauties especially in Indian summers.
Since only a small quantity is required this tub will last you for a very long time. Although since it’s gel like and runny in texture you have to be careful while using it as it can spill easily as happened with me. Although the extra lid prevents spilling while traveling so it’s travel safe you just need to be careful when the lid is off so you don’t waste it.


  • Traveling safe
  • Gel like texture absorbs easily
  • Only a few drops are required everytime to cover the entire face
  • Works well as a makeup base
  • Controls sebum production to a great extent
  • Moistures the skin without making it greasy


  • Costly
  • Not easily available in India

Overall : Its a great mositurising cream and works amazingly well for oily skin in controlling sebum.
Do I recommend: Yess!!

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