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If someone asks me what got me interested into Korean beauty products, my answer will always be Laneige Lip sleeping mask. I have very dry lips which are prone to crack easily hence no Lipbalm makes them soft for long. They are a little pigmented as well so I’m always looking for remedies or products to lighten the pigmentation. During one such search a few years back I stumbled upon Laneige and it sounded amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it.
A lip mask was a new concept to me so I googled it a bit more and was surprised to see so many amazing reviews of it. Everyone was raving about it and how it was perfect for dry lips. I was hooked and I wanted it really bad but I was a student at that time and hence broke! So I could not get my hands on it. I didn’t even know how to shop internationally at that time and I could not find any indian sites selling it. So that was another issue.
Moving on, a few weeks ago I finally got my hands on one. It has been my wishlist product for the longest time and I am so happy to finally get it. This single product is the reason I got hooked upon K-beauty.
Lets move on to the review and see if this product was actually worth its hype.
Product name: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Price: $24 but you can get it at a price of $12 i.e at 50% discount on . I’m pasting a link below so you guys don’t have to search for it. And it’s not an affiliate link, I don’t get anything if you click on it. I just wanted to help you guys find it. 🙂
[New] Lip Sleeping Mask 20g
Quantity: 20gms which will easily last you 9-12 months even if you use daily
Claims: The New Lip Sleeping Mask gently melts dead skin cells and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic during sleep.
Availability: It’s available on many K-beauty shopping websites. I like because it has fast shipping, amazing discounts and you get a free gift which is equal to the value of shipping you paid. And if you buy for more than $50 it’s free shipping anywhere. What more can you ask for right.

Packaging: It has the cutest packaging. I got a special Thank You edition mask which has the picture of an adorable dog on its cap. It comes in a glass tub with an extra lid and a small cute spatula which makes it really easy to use and maintain hygenie as well.

Smell: A soft berry scent which is soothing.

My experience: Was it everything that I had been wishing for? Yes! And then more. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. This lip mask is amazing and is my holy grail product now. I am so happy that it didn’t disappoint me at all. It did everything it claimed to do. The first time I used it, I applied a thick layer of it before going to bed and in the morning I could still feel it on my lips. When I saw my lips I was amazed, they didnt feel dry at all and looked plumped and were soft to touch as well. At first I thought it won’t last because in my experience most lip softening products don’t work past a few hours on my lips. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t feel the need to apply a Lipbalm more than just once through out the day. I’m saying that because I’m someone who applies lip balm religiously every few hours, yes my lips are that dry. So I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t feel the need to. My lipstick stayed on for longer as well.

It’s been a few weeks now since I have been using it and I love it to bits. I apply a thin layer on my lips now every night and wake up with softer, smoother, moisturized lips. It smells amazing as well, the berry scent is really good and soft, not too strong and feels really nice.

I apply it as a base for my lipstick in the morning and I feel it makes my lipstick last longer and I don’t feel the need to reapply a lipbalm at all. I use it as a Lipbalm during the day when I don’t want to put on anything else and it gives my lips a shine which is perfect plus it hydrates them well.

I don’t think I can stop raving about it. 😛 It’s that amazing of a product.

  • Works! Works! Works wonders on dry lips
  • Makes lips soft and smooth
  • Has a nice berry Fragrance
  • One tub will last forever
  • Only a small quantity is enough to make your lips soft and smooth.
  • Can be used a base under lipsticks
  • Can be used a lipbalm during the day


  • Is a little on the pricer side but since one tub will last you for a very long time it’s totally worth it.

I can’t find any other con, I just love this.
Overall : 10/5. Yes I know how to do maths, it’s just that good of a product. It’s a product that I love because it has worked wonders for my dry lips which are not so dry anymore. How can I not love something so amazing.
Will I repurchase- Hell yes! Always! And forever!! I think I’ll try the Vanilla varient next.
Do I recommend: Yes! Yes! Yes! If you have dry lips, or want to make your lips more soft, smooth, plump, hydrated, love lip products then get this one. It’s amazing.
*Product recieved for review purposes from but all opinions are honest and my own and I sincerely love this product.

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