Laiqa Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins: A small step for the Environment

There was a time when there was nothing with plastic in it and now there is nothing without plastic in it or used in some form related to it. This applies to sanitary pads as well. The plastic sheet that prevents leakage, the odour is made of plastic that is not only harmful to the environment but for our health as well.

While there is no official information, a few reports gauge that on a normal around 9000 tons of menstrual waste is produced in India on a monthly basis, the vast majority of it as sanitary pads. All these plastic-based sanitary pads are either flushed down toilets or tossed in the open as refuse alongside other family waste. An extensive number of women in India utilize sanitary pads. A greater part of the pads is plastic-based. As per Menstrual Health Alliance India, of the all-out sanitary waste created in the nation, about 45% is because of menstrual items, and to a great extent sanitary napkins. It’s up to us to change this and changing our pads to organic ones is just a small step towards it.

Laiqa Combo Pack (10 Ultra Thin Day Pads L + 5 Cosyfluff Night Pads XL)

Price & Quantity: INR 329 for a pack of 15 pads and two panty liners

Ingredients: Laiqa pads and liners are made out of the highest quality non-woven material. They are rash-free and skin friendly. The ingredients of every Laiqa pad and liner are sourced from the best quality materials available worldwide, making them super absorbent, chlorine free, fragrance – free and breathable. Laiqa is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


  • High quality, breathable & feather-soft top sheet
  • Reduced plastic & chlorine free means no rash or irritation
  • Well-designed, biodegradable & recyclable packaging
  • Convenient biodegradable disposal bag with every pad
  • Individual & combo packs to suit the needs of every woman

Availability: They are available on their website

Packaging: It comes in a box of 15 pads, each pad is packed individually in a paper bag which can be later used to throw the pad. The packaging is elegant and discreet as well.

My Experience: I have been using the same brand of pads for years now since that was the only one I was comfortable with but after learning how much waste this generates and how harmful this waste is to the environment I had to switch. It wasn’t easy since the few pads I had tried over the years didn’t really feel comfortable or were not absorbent enough for heavy flow. It was during this time I saw an ad for Laiqa pads and thought of giving them a try. I asked the brand and they agreed to send me a sample to try. The pads arrived discreetly packed in a brown carton in a less than a week.

I tried the combo pack because it presented the opportunity to try all the pads at the same time plus its highly convenient as well since I don’t have to but different pads for different flow days.

My Laiqa Ultrathin Day Pad

The Ultra Thin Day Pads are really comfortable and perfect for day time, the pad is soft and made of cotton. It doesn’t itch or irritate at all. It worked great during heavy flow as well and thankfully I didn’t have any stains on my dress as well.

My Laiqa Cosyfluff Night Pads

The CosyFluff Night Pads are my favourite now. They are super comfortable and have a wide back which prevents staining during the night. They don’t itch or smell and work well with heavy flows as well.


  • Different pads for day and night and different flow days
  • Panty liners for spotting
  • Discreet packaging
  • Comes with disposable discreet paper bags
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable and light to wear


  • If you try them and find one let me know and I’ll add it here because I could not find one.

Will I Repurchase: Yes! It might be a little costly than the regular pads we get in the market but what’s a few extra bucks if its to save the environment.

Do I Recommend: Yes absolutely. Please give them a try, the earth will thank you for it.

Overall summary: My Laiqa pads are comfortable and eco-friendly as well. The different sizes ensure that you get something for every day of the cycle. It’s a small step towards saving the environment but a step nonetheless.

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