This is my first review so please be kind and let me know how it is.😊
I recently ordered a free trial packs from smytten and paid just a nominal shipping charges.
You get to choose from a bunch of free trial samples they offer from the best brands out there.

The prodcuts were delievered within 4 days and arrived safely without any damages.
The products inside were packed carefully and beautifully and i almost didnt feel like opening it..Almost😜

What i ordered:

  • Indian Rose facewash from soultree 
  • Moroccan Rose and argon oil facewash from natural bath and body
  • Activated charcoal detoxifying face and body scrub

My take:
I love smytten for allowing me to try these products before i buy them and i love their packaging and delievery.
The Indian rose facewash from soultree is filled with the goodness of rose and turmuric. It smells of roses with a hint of turmuric. Its light yellow in color and works well. It cleans the face without drying it and doesnt leave a residue behind.
The Morrocan rose and argon oil facewash from natural bath and body smells heavenly. It leathers well and imparts a faint glow to my skin.
The activated charcoal detoxifying face and body scrub Fuschia is amazing. I always wanted to try something from thier range and glad i got a chance too. This scrub is not too harsh on the skin and removes all the dirt and impurities from the skin.
I m satisfied with all these products and really glad i got a chance to try them. I m definitely going to buy them again.
Do i recommend:
Yes, most certainely. Do give these a try.
Let me know if you want a detailed review of any of these products or anyother.

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  1. ayeshakhanamasrar

    You’re been doing a great job since your first review itself. You have no idea how helpful your reviews are for us.

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