Strand-aid Hair Mist to help with your hair woes

In winters it’s hard to wash hair every day since its so cold, or you don’t have the time or you just feel lazy to do so you skip. As summers approach and the heat hit us, the problem of sticky sweaty hair is a real challenge especially when it’s hard to wash hair due to the hectic lifestyle not to mention its not practical or helpful for the hair as well. But not taking care of the hair can lead to a lot of hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, smelling and lifeless hair. Dry shampoo is an alternative that can help but even it comes with its price. Its usually filled with chemicals and is not good for the environment as well. I found an alternative to dry shampoo’s that is effective, natural and works well without harming your hair. A multitasking hair mist that works wonders and does the job of a hair perfume as well.


Product name: Strand-Aid Hair Mist by Jhelum

Price: 475 INR

Quantity: 100ml

Availability: It is easily available on their website

Strand Aid Hair Mist Photo One

Packaging: It comes in a glass apothecary bottle with a paper label which has a beautiful painting on it. I love its eco-friendly packaging.

Fragrance: It has a very soothing fragrance. The fragrance actually lasts for a while and is very soothing. It isn’t overpowering but a soft fragrance that catches attention.

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Ingredients: The blend of  Rosemary (circulatory stimulant), Cypress (astringent), Tea Tree (antiseptic), Lavender (regenerative), Clary Sage (hormone balancing) & Cedarwood (controls hair fall & dandruff) essential oils make it a multi-tasking mist that works as a dry shampoo & a powerful hair & scalp tonic. Crab Apple (cleansing) & Cherry Plum (calming & controlling) Bach Flower Remedies helps keep the hair & mind clear & calm.

Benefits: Cleans, energizes, protects & refreshes scalp & strands.

Directions: Sprits generously on wet/dry hair twice a day.

Strand Aid Hair Mist Photo Three

My Experience:  I was intrigued by this product as soon as I saw it. The ingredients list is amazing and since its an all natural product I couldn’t wait to try it.  I have been using it for the past two months and its almost over now. the first thing I liked about this was its packaging, the cardboard box had the same painting as the label. It’s a watercolour painting and I think it adds a beautiful touch to the product. The hair mist bottle came with a separate spray cap which assured that it didn’t leak. I used this mist twice a day daily for a few weeks and I can safely say that my hair loved it. It got rid of my itchy scalp within a few days and helped control dandruff a lot as well. The fragrance of this mist has my heart and the best part is that it stays for a good amount of time.

Strand Aid Hair Mist Photo Four

I had a lot of weddings to attend this wedding season and didn’t always have the time to wash my hair beforehand. So I used this quite a few times before going out and I was surprised by the results. I wasn’t expecting soft smooth shiny great smelling hair from this but that is what I got. My hair had never felt better or looked that good without going to great lengths to achieve it. I used it just before styling and it gave the appearance of just washed hair without the dryness and frizziness. It was easier to style as well and didn’t get greasy the next day which is what always happens with my hair if I use any styling products. Just a few spritzes and it worked as well as any dry shampoo without the cons. I have to stay that I’m greatly impressed by this product as it went well above my expectations.

Pros & Cons:

  • It smells amazing
  • The fragrance is soothing and lasting
  • It’s value for money
  • Comes in an eco-friendly packaging
  • The spray bottle can be reused later as well and it’s gorgeous, to begin with so hard to throw out
  • Works well as a dry shampoo
  • Helps in getting rid of dandruff
  • Helps with scalp itchiness
  • It’s affordable and easily available

Overall: 5/5. It’s the best alternative to dry shampoo that I have seen so far. It’s free from chemicals and works great as a hair mist. It’s a multipurpose product which isn’t heavy on the pocket as well.

Will I repurchase:  Yes! I’d absolutely purchase another bottle considering I almost finished mine.

Do I recommend: YES! This is worth a try, you can use it as a hair perfume and get compliments (trust me you will, cause I got many J) use it as a dry shampoo when you are running late or are just plain lazy.

Note: you will still need to wash your hair, it isn’t an alternative to shampoo.


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