Review: Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet masks

I received 4 varients of the Holika Holika sheet mask for review from . The varients I received were Lemon, Shea Butter, Rose and Blueberry. 
Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo One
Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Two
Packaging- I like the packaging of these masks due to their easy open access. What I liked about this packaging was that unlike others they have given a side flap which you just have to pull to open the mask. Which makes it Hella easy and fun to open. It’s simple and bright with the ingredient printed on it.
Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Three
Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Four
Fit– simply amazing fit. Love how less lines it had after I put it on unlike most masks. The fit was perfect and I love it.
Material– It’s made of really thin sheet. Which is very comfortable and easy to use but doesn’t tear easily. It adhered well and didn’t slip even when I moved. It’s a mask you can put on and do your chores.
Essence– It was filled to the brim with essence. The mask was dripping in essence. It was sticky and took a lot of time to absorb. After I removed the mask my skin was sticky for a long time so definitely not a mask for the day time. I faced this issue with all the varients. The essence Moisturized my skin well, didn’t break me out at all.
Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Five

Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Six
Scent– I couldn’t detect any noticeable fragrance in any of the varients. If you sniff carefully you can catch a whiff of the scent but it’s hardly noticeable otherwise which makes these masks perfect for people with sensitive noses.
Time– I had each mask on for 20 mins
Effect– My skin felt smooth and moisturized. Since the essence was sticky I didn’t like it much. Apart from that these masks were highly Moisturizing. They made my skin soft and smooth. My pores were minimised. I had a glow the next morning. These masks are not for daytime use but work well if used during the night. They are especially perfect for winters. 
Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Seven

Holika Holika Sheetmask Photo Eight
Overall– 3/5. I like the Moisturizing quality of the masks but dislike the stickiness.
Will u repurchase–  Maybe. They have many varients in this range and I’d like to try a few more.

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