Fabulous scrubs and gel by Fabeya

As summers approach the heat, humidity, stickiness, sweat come along with it. During such times having a normal bath isn’t enough, you need something extra. Something to take away all the dirt, heat and sweat. That’s when scrubs come in handy. A gentle scrub helps in removing all of them and makes you feel clean and fresh.
Something that everyone suffers from in summers is suntan. No matter how much protection you do, a little suntan always creeps in. That not only spoils your look but is harmful as well.
Fabeya has released some amazing scrubs and gels to help you fight with all of the above and to make your summers fun and fabulous.
Product name : The products that I’m reviewing today are:

  • Sandalwood Face and body scrub
  • Apple Cider vinegar Gel
  • Apple Cider vinegar Body scrub and polish

Price: They are all priced at ₹350 but you can currently find them at Amazon at a discounted price of ₹299
Quantity: 350ml

Availability: Easily available on Amazon.
Packaging: It comes in a big sturdy tub of 350ml which is transparent so you know how much of the product is left. The lid is a steel based cap with some really sharp edges.

  • Sandalwood Face and body scrub- Has a very faint sandalwood smell. Nothing that lasts for long. It’s very soothing though
  • Apple Cider vinegar Gel- A little unique smell, I don’t know how to describe it but it doesn’t smell bad, not like real Apple Cider vinegar does so I’m happy with that.
  • Apple Cider vinegar Body scrub and polish- It has a very faint smell as well which is pleasant.

Shelf life: 36 months from the date of manufacturing
My experience: I personally enjoy using scurbs a lot. I usually scrub twice or thrice a week depending upon my activities. A scurb makes the bath an experience in itself. You feel rejuvenated, clean and fresh after the scrub. These amazing scrubs from fabeya are my current favourite and I love how well they work.

  • Sandalwood Face and body scrub- This has to be my favourite scrub. Partially because I love the fragrance of sandalwood but also because I love how mild and effective this scrub is. It gently cleanses and removes all dirt and grime. It makes my skin soft and doesn’t dry it out at all. It has small beads which aren’t rough on the skin.
  • Apple Cider vinegar Gel- You can either use this gel as a wash off or leave on. Apple Cider vinegar has some amazing properties which are really good for your skin. I tried it as wash off first and my skin felt so smooth after removing it. It kept it on for 5 mins after I had a bath and then washed it off. It’s a little sticky when applied but it dries down well.
  • Apple Cider vinegar Body scrub and polish- This makes my skin glow. As a body polish and scrub I love how satiny soft my skin feels after this scrub. These soft mild beads gently cleanses and polish my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin, and the small beads scrub away the dead skin to leave a polished glow behind. This is the one I reach out for when I’m planning on going out.

With regular use these scrubs will also help in removing your tan and make your even toned.

  • None of them dry out the skin
  • Free from all harmful chemicals
  • A huge tub which will easily last you for months
  • Smell amazing
  • All natural ingredients
  • Makes my skin soft and smooth
  • Mild in nature can be used twice or thrice a week
  • The apple cider vinegar scrub and polish makes my skin glow.
  • Smell amazing
  • Affordable

Cons: The only thing I don’t like about these are the steel caps sharp edges. I cut my fingers twice while opening them during shower. Since then I have learned to open it carefully. I also gave this feedback to the brand and they listened and said will work on it so I’m really happy with that.
Overall : 4.5/5. I love how well these scrubs work for me. All natural and free from all harmful chemicals these scrubs have made a special place for themselves in my bathing routine. I love using them and enjoy how soft, smooth and clean my skin feels after using them.
Will I repurchase: Yes!! Fabeya has an amazing range of scrubs and gels and I’m planning on trying all of them.
Do I recommend: Absolutely! If you love scrubs do give these a try as I’m sure you will love them as well. If you are looking for affordable scrubs made with all natural ingredients then fabeya is the answer.

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