If you follow K-beauty or have just recently heard about them, you might have heard about cleansing balms, oil cleansing or double cleaning.
Double cleansing basically means to clean your face with an oil or a balm first to remove all makeup, dirt, pollution and then use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. This method not only effectively cleanses your skin but makes it less prone to problems caused by dirt and grime, particles of makeup, pollution and what not that gets stuck on the face and is not removed by just face wash.
I had tried oil cleansing before, using coconut oil which is my favourite to remove tough waterproof makeup. However this is my first cleansing balm which I received from jolse.com for review.
If you don’t know about it, Jolse.com is an online shopping site which offers a really wide range of Korean skincare and beauty products, they have amazzzzing discounts and sales and best of all they offer free shipping and include tracking for just $2.5, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed after shopping from there as they include some great samples as well. Plus if you wait…they have a great sale every month called the mega deal in which the prices are just insane. Most of the time I shop during this sale only as the deals are just too good to resist.
Now that you know where I get my Korean goodies from let’s see the review of this cleansing balm.

Product name: SAAT Insight WEGSTEHLEN CLEANSING Balm 100ml
Price: $22 but it’s on a discount right now at Jolse.com, I have pasted the link below if you want to purchase
Quantity: 100ml

  • Tends the skin smooth by cleansing thick make-ups and body wastes.
  • Tightens the pores and eliminates black heads and excessive sebum.
  • Minimizes skin stimulation with the gentle woody and floral scent.

Availability: It’s easily available on Jolse and I have seen it on a few eBay sellers as well but I don’t know the authenticity of them so I prefer to buy from Jolse or other trusted Korean sites.

Packaging: It comes in outer cover which has a beautiful marbel look on it. The product itself comes in a sturdy white tub with a matte black cap. The packaging is really classy. It has an extra lid as well for hygenie. It has a small spatula like spoon which is used to scope out the product.
The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.

Smell: It has a barely there kind, soft floral smell. Nothing that will hurt the nose, so people with sensitive noses will not have a problem either.
My experience: Since this was my first time using a cleansing balm I was really excited to use it. I first tried it when I had a bit of a makeup, for me that means lipstick and eye liner 😛 and then I used it in my evening routine for a few days.
It removed the makeup a lot but not completely. It worked well on matte and creamy lipsticks but on deep stains and tints not so much. It did remove the eye liner well.

It has a balmy texture which spreads really easily. It’s oily in texture which helps in breaking down all the makeup and other particles which can be easily washed away then.

You need to scoop out a little amount and spread it on your face, I like to rub it for a few mins before washing out off with lukewarm water. I usually prefer using cold water and that’s what I did the first time but wasn’t much impressed with the results. So I read the instructions again and it said to use lukewarm water and I tried it again with that the results were much different. Since it’s oily in nature the cold water doesn’t remove all of it and hence you can feel a little left on your skin. Warm water gets it all out and you can feel your skin become more soft and clean.

When you remove it with warm water it becomes a little white due to the presence of oils and then washes off completely. You won’t have to struggle to get it off.

Since I have oily skin I was a bit worried about it breaking me out but it didn’t. Since I don’t have blackheads I don’t know how it works on that but it did help a bit with my white heads. My nose felt more smooth to touch whenever I used it.

I only used it for a few days because it’s thick oily texture makes me feel really hot especially in the Indian summer season. I’ll start using it again in the winters, when the heat isn’t so bad.

  • Cleans the face well
  • Effectively remove dirt and makeup
  • Has a very soothing scent
  • Spreads easily
  • Comes with a spatula
  • Didn’t melt in the Scorching heat
  • Didn’t break me out
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to use and wash off


  • All the instructions are in Korean so you need to visit either jolse.com of the brand website to see how to use it
  • Doesn’t work on tough lipstains
  • Feels really hot on the skin in summers

Overall : 3/5
Will I repurchase: Its an ok cleaning balm I feel and even though it worked well, it didn’t impress me too much for me to buy this again. I’ll like to try a few more to see how well it works actually as compared to others before I repurchase this.
Do I recommend: Maybe, it’s not a must buy for me. It’s a good cleansing balm but nothing great.

4 thoughts on “[JOLSE] SAAT Insight WEGSTEHLEN CLEANSING Balm 100ml”

  1. This is the first time I’m hearing about cleansing balm. During winters, I can’t wash my face, as I catch cold easily. So this product will be useful for me that time. It would have been great if it was available on amazon 😦

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